TEN Newsletter #1

14th May 2021

Introduction to the network

Thousands of children do not participate in normal school due to health problems, handicap, or psychosocial issues. Although relevant telepresence solutions are available, and the education system is obliged to provide teaching, the lack of coordinated cross-sector collaboration on communication is a major obstacle. For teaching to become successful, it is important to discover more about how telepresence can be used and to communicate this knowledge. TEN aims to support children in marginalized situations by i) identifying structural, technical, practical, legal and ethical limitations, and then ii) facilitate the implementation of telepresence options by:

  • Establishing national and international networks for the relevant participants across professions and sectors, i.e.schools, health care and social welfare sectors, and industry;
  • Clarifying the knowledge needed for learning through telepresence solutions, including how to contribute to children’s interactions with their learning environment;
  • Sharing knowledge on learning strategies with telepresence tools to ensure that everyone is up to date as changes in technology, learning structures, and individual needs emerge;
  • advising on the distribution of responsibilities and the identification of barriers; and
  • producing communication and information materials on telepresence for learning environments including the know-how on how and when to use telepresence for different target groups of children.

Working groups 

The project is organized around ‘Working groups’(wg) and ‘Milestones’.

The ‘Working groups’ is a central part of the structure of the network. The goal of the network is to share information, to give interaction between involved partners and to address the topics of the network. The Working Groups are:


Functions as management of Meetings, Workshops, Seminars of the project. MWS makes sure the project is progressing as planned and manages the evaluation of the project.

Information sharing

Works on building an infrastructure for sharing knowledge and informing the outside world of the network productions and events.

Intellectual Output

Creates ideas for important materials from the network and supports task owners on product development, as well as making sure the quality of the finished products are suitable for use.

Growing Network

Will develop a plan for reaching out to other interested parties in the field of telepresence in learning environments.


Will outline the technical development of telepresence solutions and technical possibilities for learning situations. The group will also look at technical needs for different target groups.

Key Speakers

Will list interested parties in the field of telepresence, education and healthcare. It will make contact with them and invite them to speak at our events.


Will plan an infrastructure for the network; how or who can be a member of the network, what the obligations are for participating and possibilities for joining the network. This will involve plans for the project period and after the project period.

Advisory Board

Will gather knowledge of obstacles for use of telepresence within the network and develop products and guidelines on best practice to address social, ethical, legal and practical obstacles.

Planned meetings 

June 2021 Transnational Project Meeting

We will hold our first TPM on the 4th of June. 

15th of September – 17th of September – Workshop 

The first research workshop in the network is about how to get started using telepresence technologies in schools. The workshop will therefore take a closer look at what knowledge and tools are needed for a successful start-up. 

The three workshop days will include:

  • Presentations and discussions about understanding different perspectives on school absenteeism  and telepresence technology.
  • A focus discussion on resources’ used when implementing telepresence. 
  • Introduce the development of technology and create an understanding of the context of telepresence and a closer look at the different telepresence technologies currently on the market 
  • Hands-on workshops where we will examine how we can create a clear and usable framework for getting started with telepresence technologies in schools
  • Field trips to relevant workers with education and telepresence
  • Networking and activities to strengthen the social foundation of the network

Take care and be on the lookout for our next newsletter in two months! 

Danish Citizen Centre for Children and Adolescents, City of Gothenburg, City of Malmö, No Isolation, Oslo Metropolitan University – Welfare Access Through Technology, The University Hospital of Copenhagen, The Danish Technological Institute

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