TEN Newsletter #2

08th June 2021

News from the network
Transnational Project Meeting 4th June 7, 2021
During the meeting the new homepage of the network was presented. It was also decided to establish a children’s panel aiming to present children’s experiences with the telepresence technology. The work groups for planning the workshops in Helsingør and in Oslo also met.

Upcoming events
15th of September – 17th of September – Workshop in Helsingør
The first research workshop is how to get started using telepresence technologies in schools and will take place at Danish Museum of Science & Technology in Helsingør. The Danish Museum of Science and Technology was established in 1911 by Danish Industry and the Crafts Association of Copenhagen. The museum has several collections of technology that have changed our lives during the past 150 years; airplanes, a trolley bus and the captivating Soyuz space capsule that carried the Danish Astronaut, Andreas Mogensen, out in space.

26th of January – 28th of January Workshop in Oslo
Program will follow.

Spring 2022 – Workshop -Sweden
Dates and program will follow.

Fall 2022 – Seminar – Denmark
Dates and program will follow.

Other networks about robotics and technology in the healthcare sector – in Denmark and Europe
The use of robotics and other technologies in the healthcare sector is increasing, and with that the need of networks to connect users and developers.
The TEN-network is one of them. Among other relevant networks that can be mentioned are DIH-HERO (Digital Innovation Hub, Healthcare Robotics) and CareNet, which are two of the most prominent networks within the area of robotics and technology in the healthcare sector.
Both networks are working on spreading knowledge and experiences about both use and development of robotics and other technologies in the healthcare domain.

DIH-HERO is a European network, which connects Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe to create a sustaining network for all those who are active in the healthcare robotics sector.

The networks’ primary objective is to accelerate innovation in robotics for healthcare and to connect innovators, providers, businesses, users and politicians. Furthermore, DIH-HERO engages in necessary standardization and regulations for robotics in the healthcare domain and for personal use, including ethical, legal, and societal issues. DIH-HERO also coordinates calls for companies to get their healthcare robotic projects funded.

DIH-HERO continuously offers webinars with relevant knowledge, and in May DIH-HERO hosted a big knowledge conference, which facilitated the sharing of knowledge from experts with insights in key topics in the healthcare robotics sector.
Read more about DIH-HERO.

CareNet is a Danish national network for welfare and assistive technology which focuses on the development, application and dissemination of welfare and assistive technology for care, nursing, and independent living.
The purpose of the network is to create interaction and synergy between interested parties , and to increase the focus on the technological possibilities it implies for the welfare sector. The network is a platform for meetings between municipalities, public authorities and private organizations, who develop and produce welfare and assistive technology. A platform where everyone can take advantage of each other and the synergies the network creates.

CareNet continuously arranges several activities, e.g. meetings and webinars. Every year CareNet organizes a big conference in collaboration with the industry association Danish.Care and the Danish Technological Institute called Welfare Technology anno 2021. This year the conference focuses on the issues with the lack of healthcare professionals in the healthcare sector – and how technology can assist to solve the problem.

Read more about CareNet

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