TEN Newsletter #4

22th December 2021

News from the network

User comments

By January we will set up a User-group of children and teens. The plan for now is to have the User-group comment on information and communication products on telepresence. Furthermore the group will discuss how to introduce robots and the use of them to other children.   

Picture: AV1 visiting space, a workshop comment                                                                                   

Upcoming events

It is time to sign up for the workshop in Oslo the 26-28th of January 2022

The workshop topic will be school refusal. 

An appetizer from the invitation: Challenge: How can we (TEN) best support schools in implementing telepresence robots for children with school refusal behaviour?

Solution: The design sprint process will take us from challenge to solution in 3 days.

If you would like to join us, please send an email to: nonni.camilla.steinrud@regionh.dk Deadline to sign up is 10th of January. 

The plan is to have the workshop even though Covid is still influencing our daily lives. In January any who has signed up for the workshop will receive an email about safety during  the workshop and travelling to Norway.


Remember if you would like to sign up for an event: May (4th-6th) in Malmø, SE  or 

October (12th-14th) in Odense, DK

Send an e-mail to: nonni.camilla.steinrud@regionh.dk, and we will add you to the list.  

Picture: Robot Refusal – when even robots do not want to join in


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