TEN Newsletter #9

15th December 2022 Research in the network Several institutions in the network conduct research related to telepresence. The research brings different perspectives to telepresence solutions in schools and is conducted by researchers with various scholarly backgrounds. In this newsletter, we wish to give an introduction and insights into some of this research including both researchContinue reading “TEN Newsletter #9”

TEN Newsletter #8

25th October 2022 Seminars in Odense On 12th-14th October the network once again gathered for the first seminars. This time we were in Odense, Denmark. The seminars were hosted by our partner Danish Technological Institute with  a very hospitable Steen Ulrichsen. The focus of the first seminars ranged from a day in school using a robot toContinue reading “TEN Newsletter #8”

TEN Newsletter #3

28th October 2021 News from the network Denmark workshop 15th -17th September After a lengthy Covid delay our first workshop was finally able to take place in Helsingör, Denmark in September. Participants from Norway, Sweden and Denmark gathered to  share knowledge about new and established technology within the field of telepresence. We listened to userContinue reading “TEN Newsletter #3”

TEN Newsletter #2

08th June 2021 News from the networkTransnational Project Meeting 4th June 7, 2021During the meeting the new homepage of the network was presented. It was also decided to establish a children’s panel aiming to present children’s experiences with the telepresence technology. The work groups for planning the workshops in Helsingør and in Oslo also met.Continue reading “TEN Newsletter #2”

TEN Newsletter #1

14th May 2021 Introduction to the network Thousands of children do not participate in normal school due to health problems, handicap, or psychosocial issues. Although relevant telepresence solutions are available, and the education system is obliged to provide teaching, the lack of coordinated cross-sector collaboration on communication is a major obstacle. For teaching to becomeContinue reading “TEN Newsletter #1”