Materials that the network has produced.

Getting started with telepresence robots – tools for a successful start-up
This is the network’s first edition of the guidebook to a successful start-up with telepresence robots in schools. The idea is that the network can keep adding tools and new reflections to this guidebook as the work and efforts of the network progress. The content of this guidebook is a result of the discussions and exercises from the network’s first 3-day workshop in September 2021.

How schools can succeed in utilising telepresence robots for Emotionally Based School Avoidance, in 8 steps
The aim of this report is to inform practitioners about “emotionally based school avoidance” and how to step by step implement a telepresence robot for this target group specifically. The content of this guidebook is based on three different proposed solutions that was presented during the networks second 3-day workshop in April 2022. The proposed solutions included websites and toolkits. The key elements, or content, that could be included in one of the suggested websites are illustrated in this report.

Implementation tips regarding school law and GDPR
In May 2022 the network gathered for its third 3-day workshop to discuss the topic ‘How can we (TEN) best support schools in how to tackle challenges regarding school law and GDPR, but also resistance from other adults in school?’. This folder is a result of that workshop and contains information about how we (TEN) think the school law and GDPR may comply with the use of telepresence in school. Three versions of the folder were created in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish and they will be made available as soon as they have been translated.

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